Times have changed have you?

Reflecting back on the last ten years, heres a short list of things that have changed….phone systems that link to mobiles, portable lettings and estate agency software, easily compatible with tablets and ipads, texting, skype and the real big one…Rightmove.

So, you are out and about, utilising all of this ‘high tech’ to maximise your interactions with clients or are you sat in an office twiddling your thumbs, watching your career and salary expectations dwindle away to internet agencies.

What hasn’t changed is that I passionately believe that our cutomers still need a friendly, professional and face to face contact. Moving home can be one of the most stressful experiences and knowledge and experience pay dividends.

Strength in numbers

We are bulidng a brand of home based property consultants, experts in their choosen fields and geographical areas. It maybe estate agency, lettings, student let or a mixture of all or some of these.

A confidence in your own ability to run your own business and passion for customer services are rquired. This is potentially a low start up cost business opportunity with no cap on earnings.

For an informal chat over a cup of coffee give me a call on 0116 3666326.

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