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24th January 2018
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Selling or letting your property? First impressions count. Before you work on improving your property’s ‘curb appeal’ or infusing the air with the aroma of percolating coffee, consider this. For more than 98% of buyers, the first encounter they will have with your property are the listing photographs! So how does yours measure up? 

To get the best possible first impression, you need an agent that understands how to ‘stage’ your property, to connect with prospective buyers and tenants, as well as the photographic skills to produce outstanding photographs that present your property in the best possible light. 

Before you appoint an agent, take a look at the quality of photos on their property listings. Your agent should have state-of-the-art equipment, that creates the highest quality images, combined with post-production editing skills to make them look crisp, with good lighting, and stylish images that attract interest and generate viewings.

So how can you help in this process?

  1. To start with, no-one knows your property better than you do. You probably have a favourite view of your property – inside or out. So, make sure you tell your photographer, so they know can make the most of it.
  2. You also know the least attractive parts of your property. Maybe your Grandma’s dining room table is looking a little tired? If so, move it or disguise it, before the photographer arrives.
  3. Think about the condition of the décor around your property. Fix chips in woodwork, repair broken tiles and replace mouldy grout. Where possible neutralise the colour by painting over bold colours.
  4. Check all the lights work. Lighting is one of the most important aspects of photography, so ensure everything works.
  5. De-clutter. We all use washing-up liquid and shampoo, but they don’t need to be on display whilst your property is being photographed. Whilst you’re at it, hide away worktop appliances and general clutter such as; papers, postcards, kids’ artwork and more.
  6. If you have a dog, get someone to take him / her out whilst the property is being photographed – and hide away dog bedding, food bowls and toys.  
  7. Style and accessorise your property. Place, quality magazines on coffee table, attractively presented fruit in fruit bowls, add fresh flowers and plants, which can be moved from room to room, to create a focal point for various shots. In addition, make up the beds with neutral bedding, dress the table for dinner and add fresh, fluffy towels to your bathrooms.
  8. Make sure your home is spotlessly clean, smells fresh and is de-cluttered to the point of promoting a comfortable lifestyle rather than something that is too sterile.  Take the same approach to your garden.

Follow these tips to make sure your home is looking at its best, and you are ready to show to potential buyers.




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